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For a good coaching process it is necessary that I create a file. This is also required by law, e.g. in the context of the Care Complaints and Disputes Act. Your file contains your personal data and information about what was discussed in the coaching conversations. The file also includes information that is (or may be) necessary for your coaching process, for example your living and working situation, health condition, hobbies, family situation. Or possibly data that, after your explicit permission, have been requested from your general practitioner or another healthcare provider.

I do my best to guarantee your privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by carefully handling your personal and possibly medical data and by ensuring that unauthorized persons do not have access to your data. Some details of your file are kept digitally, only on my computer. The rest of your data are kept in a secure location that is not connected to the internet.

Only I have access to the data in your file and I abide by strict confidentiality, unless there are overriding legal or ethical considerations to break it. The latter only applies in extreme, very exceptional situations, such as e.g. danger to the life of third parties.

A small part of your file (name, address, place of residence) is provided to an authorized person for the accounting and tax return of Inner Nature.

Meditation and workshops
If you sign up for a meditation activity and/or workshop, your name, e-mail address and telephone number will be requested and registered. You will also be asked to complete and sign a form before the start of the activity concerned, in which you take responsibility for yourself and your belongings (disclaimer form). You will be asked to enter your name and address on this form.

In some cases, data regarding your mental and/or physical health will be noted, if you feel that the meditation or workshop supervisor should be aware of this. These data will be handled in the same way as the data in the coaching file (see above under Coaching).

Sometimes there is a guest teacher who supervises a workshop. He/she is bound by the same rules regarding privacy.

Privacy Policy
For details of Inner Nature’s privacy policy click here. You will then find exactly which data are recorded and what they are used for. Your legal rights are also mentioned.