Active Meditations

All OSHO Active Meditations start with an active phase. Sometimes this is intense, physical action, sometimes it is soft, more aimed at harmonisation. After this follows a silent phase. Because of the active first phase, your energy will start flowing, blocks and stuck emotions are cleared away and  there will be new space in your bodymind. Then, in the passive phase your inner silence can arise by itself. These meditations are accompanied by music specially composed for each of them.

For most of us in these hectic times active meditations are actually a must. It is therefore recommended to start with these, or at least practice them alongside any other method you may be doing.

There are quite a few different OSHO Active Meditations. At Inner Nature every Wednesday evening you can participate in one of them. If you have discovered which one feels right for you at this moment in time, you could also practice it at home. More information about these meditations and their background can be found on

Sitting Meditations

There are many techniques for silent meditations. Best known is vipassana meditation, created by Buddha. Others originated from different traditions, like zen, and tao. In tantra 112 meditations, created by Shiva, are collected in ‘Vigyan Bhairav Tantra’. Osho has given his commentary on these in ‘The Book of Secrets’. Although there are numerous techniques, all authentic meditations have in common that the essence is witnessing.

Sitting silently and witnessing is not easy for everyone to start with. If you notice that in fact this brings up a lot of unrest in you, it is recommended to start with OSHO Active Meditations, or to practice these alongside any silent meditation.

At Inner Nature you can practice a silent, sitting meditation on Thursday mornings. Sometimes we will do only silent sitting, at other times a guided meditation and sometimes both. These are usually preceded by a short, activating exercise.

in daily life

Meditation techniques are not a goal in themselves, they are a means, a help. Once you start with a technique you may soon feel the need to allow meditation in all of your life. Meditation in daily life means: be present with whatever you are doing, be aware of what happens each moment. It is easiest to start with normal daily activities, like eating, taking a shower, putting the garbage out, etc.

You could for instance make eating breakfast a meditation by being totally present, aware of your movements, the smells, the colours, the sensations in your mouth…  anything that takes place while eating. Try it and see how much more you will taste your breakfast and how much calmer your day starts!

Guided meditations

In a guided meditation you sit or lie down in an easy posture and then follow the voice of the facilitator. There are guided meditaitons for relaxation, or for helping you to go deeper in yourself towards your inner being. A guided meditation can be live, or it can be recorded .

For some a guided meditation can be a good way to have a taste of what meditation can be. Once you have had a taste of relaxation and meditation, you may find it easier to continue the inner journey by yourself.

At Inner Nature a guided meditation is regularly offered on Thursday mornings. Sometimes  there will be a silent meditation on these mornings, sometimes a guided, and sometimes both. Usually these meditation will be preceded by a short activating technique.