Privacy Policy

Below you will find information regarding the privacy policy of Inner Nature.

Responsible for data protection is:
Sonar de Munnik
Owner/coach/meditation supervisor/workshop supervisor of
Inner Nature
Frederik Hendrikstraat 162
1052 JG Amsterdam

The purposes for which data are recorded are:

    • offer a good and thorough coaching program
    • any reference (only with your permission)
    • possible consultation with another care provider with whom you have been in contact (only with your permission)
    • possible consultation with colleagues (your data will then be used anonymously)
    • decide in consultation with you whether a meditation or other exercise is suitable for you at that moment
    • registration and payment for meditation guidance and workshops
    • billing
    • send newsletter
    • accessibility, if changes or cancellations should occur
    • comply with a legal obligation (such as the Wkkgz, keeping accounts, tax return)

If your coach/meditation supervisor/workshop supervisor wants to use your data for any other reason, your permission will always be requested first.

The types of data that are recorded for coaching are:

    • both digital and written storage:
      name, address, place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number
    • digital storage (only on my computer):
      age, your request for help and data related to this and relevant to your specific coaching process, such as recurring feelings and thoughts, your relationship(s), children, living-work situation, hobby/sport), health data, what kind of therapists or other care providers you have had contact with before, contact details of such other care provider (only in mutual consultation and with your consent).
    • written notes that I make during a coaching conversation

for minors under the age of 16:

    • both digital and written storage:
    • name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of both parents
    • only written storage:
    • written permission from both parents

The type of data that are recorded for meditation guidance and workshops:

    • both digital and written storage:
      name, address, e-mail address, telephone number
    • only written storage:
      data regarding your mental and/or physical condition, if you yourself have indicated that the supervisor should be aware of this

Retention period coaching file: 15 years after the last change/addition.

Retention period registered data meditation guidance and workshops: 2 years after the last change/addition (in connection with the Wkkgz Act).

Online coaching and online workshops take place via Zoom which now has sufficient data protection.

Information on the invoice
The invoice contains the information requested by the tax authorities. These are: your name, address, place of residence, the date of the consultation, the costs of the consultation. The invoice will be sent to you digitally and will be stored digitally (only on my computer) and in writing.

These data are also viewed by the person who takes care of the bookkeeping of Inner Nature. He is familiar with the rules regarding privacy protection and also has a duty of confidentiality.

Information by e-mail contact
E-mail takes place via a secure SSL connection. There is a processor statement from the hosting provider.

I (Sonar de Munnik) use 2 online diaries. In both your appointments are recorded anonymously (only recognizable to me).

Your permission is requested for sending a newsletter and information about the activities of Inner Nature. There is an opt-out option for this. A secure system is used. A processor statement is available.

Facebook page of Inner Nature
Messages you post on the Inner Nature Facebook page are publicly available.

Your rights
When you first request for information or make an appointment for a first coaching (introductory) meeting via the contact form on the website or by telephone, you will be notified of the link to the Privacy Statement and the Privacy Policy on the Inner Nature website.

When registering via the contact form or by telephone for a meditation activity or a workshop and/or sending the newsletter, you will be notified of the link to the Privacy Statement and the Privacy Policy on the Inner Nature website.

    • No more data is recorded than is necessary for the purposes described above.
    • You have the right to inspect, correct, delete and take your own data, insofar as this does not conflict with my other legal obligations*
    • You have the right to submit a complaint about how I handle your personal data with me and if we are unable to reach an agreement with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Privacy Policy Changes
Changes may be made to the privacy policy. So check this page regularly.

*You can report this in writing or by e-mail to me, Sonar de Munnik, the responsible person at Inner Nature (see above).