energy relaxation awareness

discover your inner nature with meditation and transform your life into a celebration

energy relaxation awareness

discover your inner nature with meditation and transform your life into a celebration

Welcome to Inner Nature

Inner Nature is like an oasis in the middle of Amsterdam. If you want to learn meditation, or if you want to explore new dimensions to your meditation, you can get inspiration here. All activities are aimed at being energetic and at the same time relaxed, heightening your awareness and  transforming your life into a celebration.

Weekly schedule

OSHO Active Meditation
every Wednesday
8 – 9.30 pm
(not on July 17 and 24)

please sign in before 4 pm


Silent or Guided Meditation
every Thursday
10 – 11 am
(not on July 18 and 25)

please sign in before 8 pm
(of the day before)

Discover your meditation

At Inner Nature you can learn and practice all kinds of meditation techniques. Scroll on and you will find the most important. By experimenting with one or more methods, you discover which meditation suits you most at this moment in time.




OSHO Active Meditations are specifically designed for contemporary people. They start active and end silent.


There are numerous methods of silent meditation, in which you look inside yourself in a still posture. The best known technique is vipassana meditation.


In a guided meditation you just follow the voice of the facilitator who helps you to go deeper into yourself.

Daily life

Meditation can happen anywhere and anytime in daily life. The essence is to be present each moment with whatever you are doing or whatever is happening inside.



Regularly workshops are organized, sometimes with a guest facilitator. These are unique days or evenings in which you learn to experience in a light way a specific perspective for deeping of consciousness.

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at Inner Nature

Weekly, on Wednesday evenings, an OSHO Active Meditation is organized.

 On Thursday mornings you can participate in a silent and/or guided meditation, which will be preceded by a short  activating technique.

These meditations are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.


It is possible to book a few individual sessions, in which you could learn one or more meditation techniques, or in which the emphasis is on relaxation. If you are looking for a new direction in your life, you could opt for lifecoaching. The sessions are preceded by an introductory talk for which an appointment needs to be made.



Witnessing is the key to meditation. It means being present in a relaxed way with whatever is happening each moment in and around you – like a witness. The witness does not interfere in what is seen, there is no judgement and no identification. You áre not whatever you see, you are just an onlooker.

Witnessing is not something new that we need to learn. It ís our inner nature. We were already there as a newborn baby, before the mind developed. With a relaxed awareness of whatever is happening –bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings — you get free from the mind and you get in contact again with your own inner silence.


Meditation & Celebration


Often meditation is seen as a serious and grave affair, but in fact it is joyous and festive: in meditaton you get in touch again with existence. And existence is festive, it is a celebration. By bringing celebration into your life, it will be easier to free yourself from the mind. In this way you support your meditation. And life will be a lot more fun! Vice-versa, when you meditate, you will feel more and more joy and life will be more and more a celebration.


“My meditation is simple, it does not require complex practices. It is singing, it is dancing, it is sitting in silence. It is being at ease with existence. It is accepting that existence is your home”

Osho: The Dhammapada: The Way of he Buddha, Vol. 8, #2 

Meditation of the month

Hara Meditation

Anytime when you have nothing to do, put your hands on your belly, 5 cm below the navel. That is where your center is, in Japan it is called the hara. Massage it softly or just let your hands rest on it. That will create a centering of your life energies. You just need to be aware of the hara and it will start functioning.

Once you are in tune with your center, you will live more courageously, there will be less unnecessary thoughts and there will be more silence in you.

energy relaxation awareness

discover your inner nature with meditation and transform your life into a celebration