OSHO Bardo

OSHO Bardo is a process to support you in living and dying with the awareness of who you are at your deepest level and knowing the joy that it brings.

Osho Bardo zon in bladeren cropped kopie

OSHO Bardo is a guided meditation, meant for anyone who wants to bring more understanding, relaxation and awareness in daily life and in dying. This meditation is released in an app by Maneesha and Sudheer, both experienced meditators, inspired by Osho. In this app the meditation is available in 10 languages, including Dutch, spoken by Sudheer and myself, Sonar. www.osho.com/mobile/osho-bardo

The term Bardo means ‘a transitional time’ and as such, it offers a heightened potential for inner transformation. The original Bardo Thödol was an ancient method used in Tibet to support the transition of dying. Osho has asked that a new, more contemporary version be created which supports people who want to die consciously and in a spirit of celebration.

OSHO Bardo can be used as a regular meditation to help us to relax and know more awareness and joy in our everyday lives. It is also a preparation for the crescendo of life and the greatest experience of letting go that we will encounter – letting go of life itself.

This guided meditation can be used by anyone, of any or no religious or spiritual affiliation. It is for:

  • anyone who would like to live or die consciously
  • anyone who would like to be able to relax while remaining present and alert
  • anyone who has a fear around living or dying
  • those already familiar with meditation as well as those who would like to learn how to meditate
  • caregivers of those who are ill or dying