Sometimes you find yourself in a lifestream that is not experienced as fulfilling. In life coaching, the focus is on becoming aware of whatever wants to be lived from inside you in the outer world and how you can actually give space to this and let it manifest itself in your daily life.

For this it is necessary to be aware of what is happening inside you and around you and to find practical ways that can give more satisfaction. The life coach helps to initiate this process and to bring order to it. You always remain in control.


I offer coaching sessions in which the focus is on learning to relax and deal with the stress of daily life. Exercises that are based on meditation principles will have an important part in this.


If you want to learn meditation individually you could follow a few meditation coaching sessions. In these you learn the basic principles of meditation and you will practice both active and passive techniques as well as exercises for daily life.

You could also choose to experience meditation by making an inner journey with the guidance of the coach, from head, to heart, to your center, just below the navel — a journey from thinking, to feeling, to being.

In an initial talk you can get more information about these possibiities and together we look at what would be most suitable for you right now. 

Getting acquainted

In a ‘getting acquainted’ talk you can get more clarity if individual coaching is the best way for you to progress right now and if so, what kind of coaching would be most suitable.